Group Magical mini-sessions for children

£40 per child 

                                                                                     Creative Portraits Explained...

​AlisonWonderland Creative Portraits are my Speciality, and are so much more than just a photograph. Each image is digitally crafted into an art piece, skilfully incorporating artistic enhancements and special elements to produce a magical and original image, uniquely personal to the client. There are different levels of editing possible, designed to best suit the clients tastes, requirements and budget, from background swaps and added digital elements with full composite blending, to a more painted look with some simple extra elements that simply enhances the scene as it is captured in camera.

These pieces of art are unique to each client and are for all ages. 

I start the process with a Creative exploration session (a chat in person over coffee, or via Skype or phone if easier)  to discover what my client is looking for in their image, sometimes they have a clear idea of what they want for themselves or a loved one, and sometimes they don’t! 

Children often are easy as they have a clear and expressed passion about something at that stage of their life, whether it be  Dinosaurs, Pirates, Fairies, Superheroes, Princesses , Harry Potter, Animals, Mermaids, Unicorns or a favourite book or TV show for example, we know what they love and are into, It’s a wonderful thing to capture this element of their life’s story and create an image for them and about them that Is a truly unique piece to treasure. 

With adults and older children or teens, I create a visual storyboard (with pen and paper) then sometimes using Pinterest to gather ideas as a mood-board of sorts, to create an idea of what that person’s image will look like and what story of them their portrait will tell. It might be a deep desire or dream they’ve always had, or something representing their inner child, if they can think it, I can usually create it! 

I have produced images that reflect many aspects of peoples personality, love of books, travelling, food, childhood memories,  even creating images around old paintings or on the theme of a film or poem that means something to that person, it is personal for each portrait and i always strive to bring out the right elements to help tell your story in the picture. 

More than anything this is a hugely fun experience, with Children the photography session often just feels to them like it’s a play session, they have such wonderful imaginations and are so open. 

 The setting and the outfits and any props are carefully planned for the image that I've usually already got in my head, I find just the right light and backdrop to be the basis of the image and the photography happens there, then I spends time in my digital darkroom creating the extra magic to bring these Creative Portraits to life.

 If you have an idea that you’d like to explore for your own Creative Portrait, i'd just love to discuss it with you,

 If you’d like one for yourself or a loved one but not sure of an idea, I can help you in your creative exploration session, everyone has a creative portrait just waiting to be brought to life, you just need to discover what yours is! 

 In this world of technology and automation I believe it is crucial to still be able to tap into our imaginations, have some fun, and create something beautiful and magical that is truly unique to you,


Bespoke packages can be created and quoted for. 

various types of wall art are available to purchase after your images have been viewed 

Ages 1-6 only

 simple fairy / pixie / wizard type images

Why not get a group of friends together and have a magical woodland (or garden) tea party or picnic / playdate, we could theme it around your choice of Unicorns, Fairies, Dragons, Dinosaurs or Pixies 

Web Res Digital file and one 10x8inch print per child included in this price

NB: minimum of 4 children required for this package

Creative Portraits

A Sprinkle of Magic

Please Show me some love

Investment and process

Creative Portraits are £120 each to plan & create, this covers:

£50 credit towards your wall art choice, plus...

the creative exploration meeting, planning of the photo session, my prep gathering, creation of textures, any stock photographs and special elements required, the actual photography session, a basic edit of 4/5 images so you can check for pose and expression - i will screen shot these and show them to you so you can choose which you would prefer me to create the full image from.

 After the full creative portrait is completed we get together or chat on the phone to discuss how you would like this image to be portrayed, we will look at your options for displaying your Wall Art, and i will show you lots of beautiful examples. 

All display options for wall art are extra and will be quoted for during and after the discussion session, these will be payable at the point of choosing.

Please note, I never use pushy sales tactics, i simply provide you with choices to suit your budget and requirements, i want you to love your unique wall art, and you never will if you feel you've spent more than you could afford! ( your session fee includes £50 towards your final order)

Most of my clients spend an average of anywhere between £250 and £1500 on their final Creative Portraiture art work, choices will include Canvases, beautifully framed prints, modern acrylic offerings, orbs - acrylic and wooden and full-res digital files. A web-res file to share online will be provided free of charge with your wall art order. 

​I offer payment plans over 2 or 3 months if required.

Your final fully edited image is always shown to you for approval prior to your printed products being ordered and takes about 3-5 weeks to arrive from order