Digital  Painting

this is one for the art lovers, choose your favoutie photograph, maybe of your wedding, grandchildren, dog, cat, a scene from holiday - anything at all .... 

Email it to me in as high res as possible and  i will paint from this photo using it as a source starter image, usually i paint in a light airy water colour style, or a more classic fine art oil colour style, its exactly the same as a hand painting on canvas or paper but i paint it digitally. (see my Digital Painting page for more info and ideas) 

once you've approved the painting online you may choose to

a) have it printed in A4 size ( approx) on a high quality fine art textured paper to get framed yourself


b) you may choose to have the full res digital file so you an print and share to your hearts content - a good choice for those outside of my immediate area! 

upgrades and extra choices of wall art are optional.

Mini Photoshoot

For those who value a professsional photoshoot, maybe not had any updated photos for ages, or the children are growing too fast....

this is a mini session ( approx 40 mins) - outside in natural light in a choice of local locations (in the East Sussex area).  You will receive an online gallery of approx 10-12 images to view and choose from. you can choose your favourite 5 images to have as full res digital files.

upgrades and  choices of wall art are optional.

More info about the 4 Choices

Please Show me some love

Welcome to the Wonderland Voucher Special offer 2021

...I think we can all agree on the fact this has been a funny old year, or so -  it's been very hard on some and kinder to others, but I've found that one thing everyone i'm talking to has agreed on is that we are appreciating some of the more simple things of life, a walk in the woods, a sunset, the smell of freshly baking bread (or scones / banana bread!), - hands up who else is wearing a few extra lockdown pounds still ... 

I wanted to offer this voucher as an easy option for purchase, with loads of choice, a whole year to use it - who knows what the coming months will bring or allow us? A one voucher fits all offering. 

I wanted it to be great value, the sum of the whole package of each of these purchases falls between £150 and £200 and i'm offering these to you to gift  to others or for yourself for £99.

Who can receive one?

because of the 4 choices anyone anywhere in the world can have one of these as a gift ( we can simply email it across if easier) 

the mini photoshoot and 1:1 workshop are more suitable for those local to East Sussex as they will be carried out in person, but the digital painting and Creative Portrait can be done remotely from anywhere in the world - just by providing me with some starter images / reference photos  - more details below.

What do you actually receive?

A printed gift voucher in a beautiful ribbon tied gift box - a choice of Black or white

this means you have something substantial  to physically wrap and give or send ( an emial version can be sent if you prefer not to use a gift box) or want to order it to be delivered by email if you're outside of the UK

1:1 photography workshop.

The final choice is a bespoke 3 hour workshop to cover the basic elements of photography, learning camera skills, and introduction to editing. This is an in person workshop, with ongoing help and support if required, a light lunch and refreshments also included - a wonderful gift for the person who is keen to learn at a basic or improver level. Suitable for age 16 upwards.

This is usually held in East Sussex and includes some inside theory and demonstrations and some outside camera playtime! 

Creative Portrait

there will be a choice of themes, eg Mermaid / Mermen, Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Dragon, Wizarding  world, 4 legged friends, space adventures, superheroes, pirates, fairies, underwater adventures ...etc.... 

the recipient chooses the theme, i send out some tips and a little guidance on getting some suitable starter photos, they get sent to me via email and i work my magic from there! 

This is suitable for anybody, any age and any location - you just need access to a camera and email - as simple as that! 

This choice includes the full res digital file of the final Creative Portrait. 

Maximum of 2 people in the final image.

upgrades and choices of wall art are optional.