I have a particular passion for Woodland Weddings and Festival Weddings, or any sort of unconventional wedding with a theme or quirk.

If you or someone you know is planning a themed wedding around one of the following i would very much like to speak to them  

A Midsummer Nights Dream Wedding

Lord of the Rings Wedding

Game of Thrones Wedding

Harry Potter Wedding

Steam Punk Wedding

Rock and Roll Wedding

A Wedding with loads of Dogs ( i adore dogs!!) 

A Beach Wedding

A Wedding near a Fairground 

... I think you get the idea! 

AliceInWonderland Inspired photoshoot

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I LOVE weddings... there i said it, when i first starting photographing weddings 15 years ago i fell in love with capturing 'in love' and the palpable feeling all around the special couple, the magical moments, and the laughs, the joy, the silliness, & the emotions that we really only get when we gather together our loved ones to celebrate with us. 

I adore capturing the full story of your day, the getting ready, the small details, the way the sun comes through and sparkles on the jewellery laid out ready,  the look on Dad's face while he paces and practices his speech in his head while he's waiting to see his beautiful daughter as a bride for the first time, and the emotion and tears during the all important service itself.

I've been described as a ninja - I've been known to climb trees and hide in bushes to get candid shots, I'm creative and relaxed and a chaser of beautiful natural light, and i very much go with the flow, i am usually as excited for your wedding day as you are, and i treat every wedding like it's the most important wedding in the world... because to you it is....I laugh with you and sometimes i cry too ( i always have a sneaky tissue hidden somewhere!) 

I don't have a formulaic style for photographing weddings,  i try and capture the essence of the feel of YOUR wedding and as they are all so different they each have a uniqueness - it may be that your style is boho and romantic, or bold and rich in colour, it might be quirky and themed, or classic and chic - it's my job to capture the essence and blend the style and the personality of your wedding in the images, i hope you'll see this reflected in some of the photographs here on my site.

I most commonly photograph weddings in East Sussex, West Sussex , South London, Surrey, and  Kent, but will cover almost anywhere in the UK and beyond at request

​​To ensure my special couples  get the very BEST attention, I only offer a limited number of weddings each year. I have a few 2023 dates available and I'm now booking into 2024 & 2025.

I Capture moments at weddings like this.... 

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