Instead of Christmas photo shoot sessions this year i decided to offer an exciting remote option, i know that often as parents we just don't get round to booking Christmas photo sessions in time, or they get filled quickly, or we simply find the idea of planning a photo session and undertaking the military operation to get the family to a photo studio is your of idea of hell - i hear you and i've got you ! 

With my Wonderland Enchantographs option ( it's just my magical photo art but with a fancy pants name... shhh dont tell anyone)   you just pick from the choice of magical scenes, i guide you to taking a few appropriate photos, you send to me  - i work my magic! I send the full res jpg back to you - you cry happy tears .. ( well maybe not but i think you'll love them!) 

see some examples for this year above and below

Please ask for the full pdf of choices if you would like one created. 

and don't forget there are really cute pet only  options too!! 

Welcome to this years Wonderland seasonal offerings

   Christmas Vouchers & Enchantographs

 All 3 choices on the voucher are worth approx £150 but  

 the vouchers can be purchased for £90 as an emailed  

 digital copy ( perfect for those of you outside of the UK)  

 or £99 printed and packaged in a box and sent via Royal


Please note that voucher requests after Friday 15th December will be Emailed only. 

Gosh - can you believe it's nearly Christmas again?!  i do love everything this time of year brings though, the log fires, the cheesy films, the snuggly socks and mugs of hot chocolate... and of course mince pies ( i get a little addicted every year!)

This years AlisonWonderland Christmas voucher has 3 offerings for the lucky recipients  to choose from:


A 3 hour 1:1 workshop online with me, this can be to cover the fundamentals of Photography, editing or a subject of choice. the workshop would be booked in advance on a mutually agreeable day and time and delivered via zoom 

​see the page  Photo & Editing Training

A Creative Portrait,  you choose the theme from a list of suggestions, such as fairies, wizarding world, superheroes, dinosaurs or mermaids, i send a guide to get the starter image, you send to me and i work my magic, this option includes the creation fee and an A4 print on museum grade paper  - see this page for more info on these 

A Digital Painting of your choosing, maybe a beloved pet, a landscape or scene that means something to you, or perhaps take a look at the birth flowers that are part of my memorial art range, these would also make beautiful and personal wall art pieces for your home,  you can choose your favourite flower - it doesn't have to be a birth flower - i adore painting flowers! 

the vouchers covers the painting fee and an A4 print on fine art Giclee paper

see the Wonderland Art tab for more inspiration


Capturing the magic of Christmas

£90 - emailed voucher

£99 - printed and boxed

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