Wonderland Memorial Art pieces are designed to endure, just like the memories they represent. Crafted with love, sensitivity, respect and attention to detail, they serve as lasting tributes that can be passed down through generations.

I offer many customisation options, allowing you to incorporate meaningful elements, quotes, or even a favorite colour palette to make each piece as unique as the person it honours.

Memorial art offers you a beautiful way to remember and celebrate the lives of your loved ones. Place it in your home, a sacred space, or even share it with family and friends to keep cherished memories alive. To anybody else it will appear as a beautiful piece of wall art, to you it will be a treasured heirloom piece and a source of solace and reflection.

You may choose to personalise one of the paintings in the Gallery, which includes birth flowers and popular themes such as Robins or Feathers (link to view all choices will be provided on request) or commission a bespoke painting for that extra special legacy piece.

You can also choose whether to receive a digital download - perfect for self printing if you are in a country other than the UK, a fine art print, or full museum quality Wall art ready to hang and dispaly in your room of choice. 

I am currently exploring the possibility of including ashes into a metallic paint for final flourishes and extra personalisation - news to come on this at a later date - watch this space! 

Discover the beauty of memorial art that captures the essence of your loved ones. I'd love to help you create a lasting tribute that brings comfort, inspiration, and a touch of elegance into your life.

Contact me today on the form below or email to discuss your personalised memorial art piece. Together, we'll craft an heirloom piece that celebrates the life or lives that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

Digital downloads from : £50

Fine Art Prints from £75

Heirloom archival quality wall art from £200

please note there is a 4 week lead time on personalised art work from the gallery


6-8 week lead time on fully bespoke Legacy commissions 

 Honour the Past, Celebrate the Present, Cherish the Future 

Roses - one of the 2 Birthflowers for June, personalised here in pink as the recipients favourite colour and subtly overlaid with an old love letter to the right hand side.

Memorial Art

A Lasting Legacy

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