Befores and afters and examples of style

Watercolour style

Gift vouchers are available for Digital Paintings, why not treat a loved one to a truly unique and special commissioned painting, the perfect personal gift.

Classic style

Tenby Harbour - Expressionist style

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Wonderland Art 

All Hand Digital Format

​​I just love Digital Painting, it was always an obvious direction for me with a background in fine art. I approach my painting in Photoshop in exactly the same manner as i would with a large canvas in front of me and my palette of paints and brushes ... i have spent the last 10 years learning & perfecting my methods and style to match my original painting style and have created a huge selection of my own brushes and textures in Photoshop from real brush heads and the strokes they make. 

I paint using a large Wacom Cintiq professional tablet and art pen, which moves on the digital canvas and reacts to angles and pressure just like a paint brush or palette knife would!

I can paint for you either from one of the images from a photo-session with me, or one of your own favourite photos. I can even create a painting from scratch to your own taste and subject matter, as a fully bespoke and personal piece just ask if this interests you. 

A photograph of your own that you would like me to paint from must be fairly high res and show plenty of detail, the original, unedited and uncropped photo from your camera is best if you have it, we could discuss which style would be best for your image and the end result you are hoping for. See some of the images in the slideshow above that i have painted  some are from provided photographs and others are fully commissioned paintings. 

3 Styles to choose from :

Watercolour - light and airy - looser strokes, more white in background. 

Classic - a More traditional painted oil or acrylic style where the whole canvas is covered

Expressionist -  a bit more modern, & full of colour and personality, a slightly looser style with lots of texture and brushy strokes


PAINTING & JPG ONLY: Digital paintings from an existing photograph start at£95  (price depends on the complexity of image required and number of people or pets) you will always be fully quoted in advance however. Your investment includes a phone or email consultation to decide on best approach and end result/style desired. 

Your completed Digital painting will be sent back to you by email as a high res file ( Jpeg) with printing rights for personal use

(for commercial use please contact me)

WALL ART It always makes my heart sing extra loudly when my clients want their painting adorning their walls...this is where art is supposed to be after all..  If you would like your digital painting printed and framed or maybe on a beautiful canvas, or alternative form of wall art please ask me for ideas and prices, these unique pieces of art work really do deserve a place on your wall! 

Prices start at £250, this includes your painting, the full res jpg and your chosen wall art (we can look at options via my 'virtual wall art lab' )

If you would like me to create your very own piece of wall art from a photograph please contact me either via my contact form or by email, thank you ​​