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is a creative adventure that speaks to us when words fail to do so"

If you like what you see, please get in touch, I can't wait to meet you and chat about your ideas, I can help inspire you if you're stuck for inspiration, and we'll plan the most wonderful and unique set of images for you or your loved ones to treasure forever. 

​AlisonWonderland...What's That All about then ?

 Hi I'm Alison, * i'm smiling and waving at you like a crazy person

My passion for photography started as an 11 year old when my aunt bought me a tiny Kodak 110 for Christmas, I became fascinated by the ability to freeze time and constantly sought out my next image....

I worked for a short time with a local photographer when I was 16 studying for  

exams, and discovered the world of professional photography. I was taught to look, to really look at the world around me and I discovered the absolute joy of developing my own photos in a darkroom.

Further study through art college led me to become interested in the work of the impressionists, The Pre-Raphaelites and old masters, mostly for their obsession with light and its shifting effects, and use of colour.

It was only then that it all came together for me, as a lover of books, and a student of  English literature and Fine Art, I suddenly understood that in photography and digital art I was able to marry my passions together

I believe everyone needs a little magic in their lives ... do you?