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Photography workshops for Mental Health - 2 hours @ £25 per head
(under 12’s free but must be accompanied by an adult)

A relaxed and mindful walking talking workshop out in the fresh air in different local locations with a small group, 

where we will  stop, and breathe, and look, and capture the beautiful world around us - a workshop purely for fun, pleasure, companionship and learning to improve our photography as we go - suitable for the whole family .. and 4 legged friends too! 

1:1 Workshops

more bespoke, at your own pace and focussed on your own needs


A single 1:1 power session

subject of choice / trouble shooting

40 mins

 via zoom and screen share


In Person:
1:1 workshop  

 3 hours,

includes refreshments & a 15 minute break


1:1 workshop

 6 hours,

includes light lunch and refreshments

  30 min & 10 min breaks


These photography or editing courses are for you if...

  • You have a DSLR camera but don't really understand how to use it 

  • You can't understand how what you saw in real life looks 'meh' in your photograph

  • You'd like to know the all the tips and tricks professional photographers use to get that WOW shot

  • You'd just like to know the fundamentals and take better photos of you family, pets or children

  • You are a creator and would like to improve your photos and editing skills to really show off your product in it's best light

  • You want to learn the basics of lightroom or photoshop with a real person, not online! 

  • You would like to improve your creativity and take your skills to the next level

  • You'd love to learn the basics of compositing in photoshop to create images with real wow factor!

  • You simply have an smart phone but want to know how to improve your everyday photo skills

  • You simply love photography and want to know more... and more..... (warning - it's addictive!!) 

The Basics - of photography - 3 or 6 hrs: 

get to grips with the fundamentals of your camera & the basics of photography. Also covering composition,

understanding the exposure triangle and some of the secrets of the professionals.

Beginners Editing  - 3 or 6 hrs:
getting to grips with the basics of Lightroom and photoshop 

The Combo  - 6 hours
 the basics of photography and starting with LR & PS 

Intermediate editing - 3 or 6 hrs
 going a bit further, creativity, beginning compositing 

Finding the Creative Photographer in you!  - 3 hrs 
taking photography and editing to the next level
suitable for beginner photographers and more advanced -
this is all about fun,

how we see things, a bit of colour theory, tricks we can play on our eyes and

some special keys to successful photography and editing  

Photography & Editing Workshops

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Workshop subjects available

Photography for makers and small business owners  - 3 or 6 hours
improve photography for your business, your images on social media and your website are your shop window. Take your images from Meh to Marvellous with easy hints and tricks on a budget…
lots of photography insider secrets in this one!!  

Capturing your own children!  - 3 hours
Photographing your own children can sometimes be much harder than you think… even for a pro photographer!! 😂
This workshop covers top tips for camera skills, and some of the fundamentals of photography and me sharing years (many years!!) of experience in photographing children including those on the autistic spectrum.
& also includes some intro editing skills 

ONLINE Power Session -  40 mins 
This is a bespoke 1:1  session via zoom with screen sharing on any subject of your choice. we cut to the chase and really get to grips with what you want to achieve. 

ONLINE Group session - 90 mins

An intensive online intro to photography session, covering as many of the basics as possible, including exposure, composition, the basic buttons on a camera, composition, and lots of tips and tricks

 - a follow up session can be arranged for the same group at request

Small Group Workshops

small groups of no more than 6, interactive and fun, chance to make friends, network & bounce ideas off each other. Book with friends/colleagues or make some new ones!


(min 4 & max 15 attendees)

90 mins

Intro to photography

 via zoom and screen share


In Person:

Small Group
3 hours 

 includes refreshments with a 10 minute break


Small Group

6 hours  

includes light lunch and refreshments

with a 30 min & 10 min break